New patient appointment

A new patients introduction appointment allows the time for a full medical history.

 Full lower limb & foot assessment.

Followed by a consultation, full treatment & a mini massage.

Approximately an hour appointment.



General Podiatric Treatment

Nails cut & Filed, Callus Reduced, Corns enucleated, Verruca inital treament.

Fungal nail reduction & treatment, Athelet's foot advise & treatment.

Ingrowing toe nail advice & treatment.

Biomechanical issues & other foot conditions.

General foot health care.

Appointment time 30-40 minutes.



Simple nail cutting only 

All nails professionally cut & filed

Appropriate moisturiser applied.

Appointment time 

15-25 minutes.



Verruca Treatment with medication

Debridment of overlying callus,

Application of medication & dressing.

Weekly appointments for maximum effect.




Wound management & dressing

Wound debridement & cleansing,

Dressing & padding application.




Biomechanics Assessment

Assessment of the Gait cycle(how we walk) & posture.

Lower limb lenght discrepancy.

Pain management, Plantar fasciitis.

And much more.

Appointment time approximately 1hour 30 minutes.




From £25.00 & General Podiatric treatment appointment for fitting & adjustment, 


Appointment time 30-40 minutes.


Medical Podicure

A Holistic treatment consisting of nail & skin care,

along with a massage from the knee down to the tips of the toes. 

Appointment times 60 mins

price £42.00 for a new patient & £38.00 for existing patients.


Lacuncan Method


A fungal nail treatment

£52.00 per big toe & £100 per set.

This price also includes consultation & medication.


Nail Varnish Treatments

Using the Dr. Remedy Range

Fingers Or Toes £15,  30min appointment

Fingers & Toes £30, 60 minute appointment

Standard Manicure with buffed finish £20

Standard Manicure with Dr. Remedy £25

Luxury Manicure with Hot oil £27

Luxury Manicure  with hot oil & Dr.Remedy £32

Luxury Manicure with Parafin Wax £28

LuxuryManicure with Parafin Wax & Dr. Remedy £33

Luxury Pedicure with Hot oil £27

Luxury Pedicure with Hot oil & Dr.Remedy £32

Luxury Pedicure with Parafin Wax £28

Luxury pedicure with Parafin Wax &Dr.Remedy £33


New Client appointment £35

1hour 10mins.

Exsisting Client  appointment £32 



Massage Therapy

Full Body Massage Appointments £35

1hour 10mins

Neck,back, shoulders £25


Reiki complimentary treatment £35











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